What We Do

We are a full service Rockwall electric, HVAC and Solar company in Rockwall Texas. We have developed a top reputation in providing quality air conditioning repair, installation and maintenance services. One thing that makes us stand out from our competitors is the emergency response we offer to our community in times when inclement weather causes power failures. 

Art is a master electrician with many years experience in all electrical work. He is also a specialist in Solar power installation and works with solar companies and electrical companies in Rockwall and all surrounding areas. 

residential air conditioning

Residential Services

Whether you need a brand new hvac system or you need to maintain or repair your current system, we are on hand 24/7 to service your heating and cooling needs in Rockwall or the surrounding areas.

Commercial Services

Our Rockwall Electric and commercial services division offers full heating, cooling, refrigeration and power maintenance. If your organization is looking for quality and reliable air conditioning or refrigeration installation and maintenance, talk to us. 

rockwall electric and solar services

Solar Energy

The new energy is solar power, and not only is it cost effective, but it is ecologically friendly to the environment.

As a rockwall electric, HVAC and Solar services company, we specialize in all aspects of power and especially when it comes to emergency services. This environment in Rockwall and the local areas surrounding us is very much at the forefront of incliment weather that can often cause damage to power cables, which in turn causes problems and damage to HVAC units and power systems. We are available 24/7 for any electrical and air conditioning emergency.

Lighting Response

Rockwall is renowned for lightning storms and often no one can respond to lightning damage. We are available for any lightning response needs.


We have 24 hour response for emergency situations that involve your heating and cooling needs.

Payment Plans

That new HVAC system is available at 0% interest free credit. We make sure your heating and cooling needs are affordable and manageable.

Wiring Upgrades

We are able to offer full electrical wiring upgrades and repairs for any project no mater how large or small.


As master electricians, we can install a wide range of lighting solutions in your home or business. 

Insurance Claims

Unlike other companies, we are happy to take on work that is insurance related. If you have repairs or installs that are needed under insurance conditions, contact us.

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